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Our loans have straightforward terms and conditions, do not carry any hidden fees or charges, and are offered with flexible repayment options.

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We offer loans at competitive interest rates with no hidden fees or charges and no penalty fees for paying back early.

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Student Loan

Student Loan

Loans to cover third-level education costs including college, PLCs diplomas and other types of academic courses.

Diamond Plus Loan

Diamond Plus Loan

Borrow up to €150,000 – available for members with low overall outgoings.

Green Vehicle Loan

Green Vehicle Loan

Lower rate for electric vehicles including fully electric cars, hybrid cars, e-bikes and regular bicycles.

Greener Home

Greener Home

Available for home energy upgrades and deep retrofits.

**Terms & Conditions Apply * No maximum loan limit

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Our Benefits

The benefits of borrowing from us

We offer loans ranging from €150 to €150,000 including mortgages.

You can easily apply for a loan in-person at the office or directly through the website or mobile app.

No early repayment fees and no hidden fees or charges.

Repayments are flexible and tailored to suit the individual borrower's needs.

Interest is charged only on the outstanding reducing balance

Loans are based on the ability to repay and not only on savings in the Credit Union.

Loans are covered by free loan protection insurance.

You can have two or more loans at the same time.