Here you can see a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions organised by category. If your question is not listed, please feel free to submit a question via our contact form or call us on: 01 4536686

Yes. In order to apply for a loan online, you need to be a member of Donore Credit Union and be registered for online access.
When applying for a loan online you need to fill in your details in the form and upload supporting documents for the loan application.
For more information, please see section “What Documents are Required for a Loan Application.”

Yes. The First Time Borrowers Loan at 6.9% (7.14% APR) is available to all our members that have not previously borrowed money from Donore Credit Union. There is no maximum loan limit, however; all loans are subject to approval.
If a member decides to top-up a First Time Borrowers Loan early, they will automatically be moved up to the Standard Variable Rate of 12% (12.72% APR).

  • A valid form of photo Identification (Passport/Drivers Licence)
  • 3 recent payslips or welfare receipts.
  • 3 monthly bank statements.
  • You may be asked to provide proof of any additional income.

Anywhere between €100 - €150,000. However, this depends upon a number of factors but in most circumstances our loan policy limits meet our Members’ needs and the Member’s ability to repay.

There is no fixed time-period or minimum level of savings required in order to apply for a loan. Loan approval is solely based on your ability to repay the loans.

Anyone who is a member of Donore Credit Union can borrow as long as they can show their ability to repay the loan. Providing loans to Members on attractive terms is one of the main functions of a credit union. This service is available to all Members, subject to our terms and conditions.

No, you can simply come into the credit union without having to schedule a time. However, please note that you should arrive at least 30 minutes before closing if you want to apply for a loan.

Yes. You can withdraw shares by dropping into the credit union or through an electronic funds transfer to another bank account. * Unless your savings are acting as security for a loan, you can withdraw some or all of your savings on demand.

*Please give us notice in advance if you are looking to withdraw a large sum of cash in the Credit Union.

The Christmas Savings Club allows members to deposit funds whenever it suits them to save up for their upcoming Christmas expenses. This type of account attracts no interest or dividend as the savings are withdrawable on demand in December and are never collateralised against a member’s loan.

The Budget Account is a service offered by Donore Credit Union which processes member’s regular bill payments and takes away the burden and inconvenience of having to remember to make each individual payment separately. This service is offered at a charge of just €50 per annum to members that have been with us for at least a year and have at least €500 in shares to avail of this service.

Yes, you can have your income paid directly into your credit union account.

Our Online Banking service enables you to check your balances, move money between your accounts, transfer funds to other bank accounts, get your e-statement, pay bills and apply for loans.
To register for Online Access, you need to follow the steps:
1. Click the ‘Register Now’ button in top right corner on the homepage (blue box) or alternatively click the link Here
2. Complete all the details in the form.
3. Click the ‘Submit Form’ button.
4. A member of staff will contact you on the telephone number provided in the form to verify your identity and complete the registration process.
5. A PIN will be sent to your address securely by post.

  1. You need to be registered for Online Access in order to use the Mobile Application. For information about registering for Online Access, please see the section “How do I Register for Online Banking?”
  2. Search for Donore Credit Union on the App Store or Google Play Store and download the App to your mobile device.
  3. Follow on-screen steps on the App to activate it on your Mobile Device.

If you lost your login PIN for Online Banking, you need to fill in a form to request a new PIN code.
You can find the form by clicking the ‘Log In’ button in the top right corner on the home page (green box) and it will then redirect you to the Member Area Login where you can click the link ‘Lost your PIN?’. Alternatively, you can click this link Here

Once you have submitted the form a member of our staff will contact you to verify your identity and complete the registration. Your new PIN will be sent to you securely by post.

If the app does not load properly, you can try the following options:

  • Close the app & try to reload it.
  • Check if the app needs to be updated
  • Remove the app & try to download/install it again.

If the problem persist, feel free to contact us.

Yes, you can call our office at 01 453 6686 during our opening hours to make a payment with a credit/debit card.

  1. Apply on our website or drop into the credit union to fill in an application form.

  2. Drop into our office with a Photographic Proof of Identity, Proof of Address & PPS Number.

    - Photo ID can be a current valid passport or a full drivers licence.

    - Proof of address with your name on it. Please note that the document must be less than 3 months old at the time of the application and could be a utility bill (gas/electricity), bank account statement or government issued document.*

    - PPS Number (or TIN where applicable) can be provided by showing a P60, P45, employer payslip or P21 balancing statement.**

  3. You will need a €10 lodgement (deposit) to activate the account and a €1 joining fee.
  4. Your application will be approved on the spot, and you can borrow straight away.

* Proof of Employment in the area: Payslip with your employer's name on it or a letter from your employer.
* Proof of Study in the area: Letter from educational institution or receipt of tuition payment. 

** Name and address on your proof of address must match that on your form. If you are married and some of your proof is in your maiden name, you just need to provide your marriage certificate.

*** P60 and P45 cannot be used for address verification.

*Subject to terms and conditions

Anyone who lives, works or studies within our catchment area (across Dublin 8). Additionally, anyone who lives in the same house and is related to a current member is also eligible to become a member.

If you live nearby our common bond in areas such as Crumlin, Portobello, Rialto, Dolphin's Barn, Harold's Cross - have a chat with us in the office.

Yes.You can join Donore Credit Union and keep your existing membership at another credit union.
For example, if you live, work or study within our common bond it may be more convenient to avail of local services without having to give up your membership at your existing credit union.

Yes. There are no age restrictions for setting up an account in Donore Credit Union.

If a member is under 16, they are classified as Junior Members and once a Junior Member turns 16 their membership will be converted into a standard account.

Junior Member Details - If the person is a juvenile, a birth certificate is required along with photo ID and proof of address in parent/guardian’s name. Proof of PPS number can be provided by showing a Social Service card or a letter from the department of Social and Family Affairs confirming their PPS Number.

Please note that you will have to visit the office with your child in order to sign up for a Junior Account.

Our office is located at 22 Rutledge Terrace near Donore Avenue and South Circular Road in Dublin 8. You can find our opening hours at the bottom of the page.

We are Ireland’s First & Oldest Credit Union located in the lively community of The Liberties in Dublin 8. For over 60 years we have enabled both our members and local community to do more with Donore.

It is not by chance that the Credit Union movement has an excellent reputation and have topped customer experience charts for the last 6 years. People in the local community have been joining us for over 60 years. Some are new to the community and have just discovered us while others have family members that have been a part of our organization for generations.
Whatever the reason for joining, everyone is welcome to become a member of Donore Credit Union. This is something that our members can testify: “If I lost my job or became ill for any reason I feel the credit union would be understanding and rearrange my loans and budget account to help me get through the short term situation, this is very comforting for my mental health” “They offer us a huge degree of comfort, as we know they care about the social impact pf what we do, not just the money side of things”

The main focus of our service is not to maximise profits, this institution is and always will be owned by our members.
Our mission is to improve the life not only for our members but also for our local community by not solely providing a financial dividend but also a social dividend.

Together we can do more!

We do not offer joint accounts. If two people would like to become members they would have to open two separate accounts.

  • If a member cannot remember their membership (account) number or if you have lost it - you can give us a call at 01 453 6686 and our staff will be able to assist you. 

  • An account will go dormant (closed) if there has been no activity on the account for 3 years (36 months) or more. To re-open a dormant account, you will need to visit the office or email us and provide a recent proof of address and proof of ID. Once these have been updated in our system your account will be re-activated and you can then access the services as usual. 

  • If you have moved or changed address, you would need to update it in our system. You can do this by bringing a proof of address dated within 3 months to the office or alternatively scanning or taking a photo of the proof of address and emailing it to us at info@donorecu.ie

If you lost your membership number, you can give us a call at 01 453 6686 to get it over the phone. 
Please note that you will need the membership number to log in to the online banking platform or mobile app.

Our office is located on 22 Rutledge Terrace in Dublin 8 (just off the South Circular Road). 
The 150 bus stops right outside our office.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Death Benefit Insurance – All members can apply for insurance covered under our Death Benefit Insurance. This means that the event of your death, a lump sum of €1,300 will be paid out to help with the cost of funeral expenses.
  • Free will making service (contact us for more information)
  • Life Savings Insurance – see more here
  • Insurance – CoverU is one of our partners who provides affordable Car, Travel and House Insurance plans for our members. Give them a call & mention that you are a member of Donore CU to find out how much you can potentially save.
  • Competitions & Scholarships – We run competitions on a regular basis that gives members the chance to win cash prizes, hampers or gift cards. We also offer two types of scholarships.
  • Community Fund – If you are a part of a community group or know an organisation in the area that would be looking for funding/sponsorship for a specific project or event, you can submit a community fund application.
  • You can bring in a copy of your new ID (passport/drivers license) and/or proof of address with your name on it (utility bill, bank statement, etc. dated within the last 3 months) to the office.
  • You can scan or take a photograph of the ID (both sides) or proof of address and send it to us via email at info@donorecu.ie
  • You can upload a photo of the ID/Address on the Mobile App.

The office is open on the following days:

Monday: 9.30am - 5.00pm

Tuesday: 9.30am - 5.00pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9.30am - 5.00pm

Friday: 10.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.15am - 12.30pm

Sunday: Closed

Please Note: The office is closed for lunch Monday - Thursday between 1.00pm - 2.00pm and closed for lunch on Fridays between 1.00pm - 2.15pm.

We are also closed on Public Holidays and Saturdays on Bank Holiday Weekends.