Why Join?

Why Join?

Become part of Ireland’s first and most successful Credit Union located in the Liberties, Dublin 8.

It is not by chance that the Credit Union movement has an excellent reputation and have topped customer experience charts for the past 9 years. People in the local community have been joining Donore Credit Union for over 65 years. Some are new to the community and have just discovered us while others have family members that have been a part of our organization for generations.

Compared to many other financial institutions we still put much emphasis on offering a personal service where members can speak to our staff in person instead of being directed to a machine. Although, we offer modern services such as online banking and a mobile app to make our services more accessible, we will never diverge from the renowned traditional service we have been offering for over 65 years.

What do we offer?

Join us and benefit from our many loans and services available

Personal Service

Here at Donore we offer online services and mobile banking to make it more convenient for our members. However, we have done this without sacrificing the traditional face-to-face service that we are known for. If you instead want to come in to the credit union to make a transaction, apply for a loan, add money into your savings account or simply ask us for financial advice, our staff will happily assist you.

Loans at Competitive Rates

Whether you are looking to finance a home improvement, dream holiday, a new car, college tuition fees or anything else, you can easily apply for a loan on joining or directly through our website online. Repayments can be tailor-made weekly, fortnightly or monthly and all our loans are fully insured (for free) against disability or death.

Quality Service with No Fees

Compared to many financial institutions, our members do not pay any transaction fees or charges for borrowing money or early repayment of loans. All members have their own BIC and IBAN and you can advise the Credit Union how you want to allocate your payment across your credit union payments.

Online Banking & Mobile App

Members can access their accounts, make transactions, download statements, pay bills and apply for loans in the comfort of their own home or on the go through our mobile app which is available on the App Store and Android.

Other Services Include

Join us and benefit from our many loans and services available

Flexible Hours - Our office is open on Saturdays from 9.15am - 12.30pm.

Phone Payments - You can simply give our office a call to make any payments or transactions.

Peopl Insurance - Affordable Home, Life & Travel insurance offered to our members.

Budget Account - A service that allows you to budget your expenses, we will handle the bill payments for you.

Community Engagement - Member competitions, youth committee, scholarships, community donations, volunteering opportunities & more.

Death Benefit Insurance

Christmas Savings Club

To do more with Donore is not simply a slogan but a fact.

By being a member of Ireland's first credit union and borrowing from a local cooperative that YOU own, you make it possible for us to enable local clubs, societies, sports teams and members of the community to do more with Donore.

On average our little credit union generates a social dividend of over €25 million per year. With inputs to the value of €2.5m, this means that Donore has a social dividend ratio of 10:1. In other words, the credit union puts ten times more than it takes in from its members back into its local community. Our main goal is not to maximise profits but instead strive to maximise our members well-being and offer a service based on trust, empathy and honesty.

In 2020 alone, we supported local clubs and community groups with donations of nearly €20,000. By joining and borrowing from your local credit union, you keep local services local, and keep local money, local.

Donore Credit Union has been a fabric of the community since 1958 and has remained open to its members for 66 years and never closed during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that members would have access to their local community owned financial institution.

You can join Donore Credit Union online or visit our office on 22 Rutledge Terrace to join in-person.

Phone: 01 453 6686

Email: info@donorecu.ie

Address: 22 Rutledge Terrace, Dublin 8

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Whatever the reason for joining, everyone is welcome to become a member of Donore Credit Union.

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